Making your Asheville Real Estate Brokerage Stand-out in Search Results

marketing for realtors in Asheville Western North Carolina

Asheville’s booming real estate market is experiencing increasing demand. With so much activity, it’s more difficult to be seen and heard above the collective noise.  Yet, there are strategies your brokerage and agents can pursue to generate more leads and increase your firm’s presence in search results.

Is your brokerage leveraging the power of search?

The internet is a crowded place.  Every day more websites are launched and businesses add content to distinguish themselves from their competitors.  So how can you make your real estate brokerage stand out among all the queries that exist?

What causes some brokerages to stand out from others in search?

It all comes down to unique positioning. There is a type of service, or product, or type of home that your brokerage chooses to sell which may distinguish you from other real estate offices. Perhaps, for example, you specialize in million dollar homes with a view, or perhaps you specialize in early 20th century bungalows in West Asheville. There are ways to leverage your website and your owned media channels to position your firm for these distinctive queries.

Distinctive queries help you stand out.

Let’s look at a few examples of queries that might be common and then those which are distinctive.

real estate query example for homes with a view
Google search results for Asheville homes with a view.

If you search for properties in the Asheville area with mountain views, there quite a number of real estate companies that have positioned themselves to answer this specific query.

Google related queries for mountains homes with a view.
Google’s suggested related queries for homes with a mountain view.

However, if we give our query a twist, we discover that there are far fewer real estate companies which have positioned themselves for the query for mountain homes with water views.

Search results from Google for homes with both mountain and water views.
Search results from Google for homes with both mountain and water views.

Using your website’s tools I would suggest that you create a page within your site on which you position a report from the MLS for homes with mountain and water views. Next, using your owned (social and blog) media  channels, promote this positioning and continually draw people towards this particular landing page on your website. You could even break such a query up into multiple layers based on home price, or, you can break these up by county.

Let’s also analyze the example of rural homes with acreage and water views. If we look at the top search results, we can see that no query results in a direct match. There are many which include parts of our query, but not the entire direct match.

Google search results for homes with acreage and water views.

Related queries suggest to us other types of search terms prospective buyers are using.

Google's suggested queries for both rural land and water views.
Google’s suggested queries for both rural land and water views.

Therefore our resulting strategy is to build a page or post with updated, live results from the MLS for properties which meet our query terms. Most real estate websites now have such tools as components of the site, however, if yours does not, it’s time to invest in a website upgrade. [Call us to discuss how a better site can improve your potential leads.]

Specialization is the key to distinctiveness

Each further specification allows you to narrow in on a unique audience. These prospective buyers are seeking a very specific type of home, and by creating unique landing pages you can provide them with exactly the information they request, which earns you higher placement in Google search.

Why do these longer queries work better?

People are using longer phrases and topical searches. They’re searching [by voice] on their mobile phones. Voice queries tend to be much longer and formatted just like we talk, with natural speech. Your task is to use the tools available via Google suggested search and results to discern who owns which position and pinpoint the most unique position that fits your ability to serve the consumer’s need.

Zillow and other real estate directories are the most leveraged real estate search sites on the internet. They have exceptionally specific queries formatted and ready to be served to prospective buyers. Because you’re a local brokerage, you can better them. Google has a preference for local businesses for searchers in specific locales.. With diligence, you can best them for strategically positioned queries.

If your real estate brokerage needs assistance with the development of a strategic marketing plan to distinctively position you to be heard above the clamour of the market, give us a call. 828.333.4642.

Planning and posting based on your social media editorial calendar

Social media planning for businesses

Everyone today is time challenged. From every direction you hear business owners talking about the burdens of managing their business, their accounting, their employees, and their social media marketing. How can business owners plan and manage posting based on their social media editorial calendar? Let’s explore a few ways that you can get these things easily under control easily.

Social media editorial calendars

Social media calendars are designed around the editorial calendar idea which is used in magazine publishing. Periodically, leaders in an organization sit down to discuss what they would like to  publish. The editorial calendar is based around seasonal sales initiatives and seasonal customer needs.

Your editorial calendar doesn’t need to be anything more complex than a spreadsheet with every month and then rows for the various social media outlets, the weeks and the days of the week.

Simple social media editorial calendar example

Example of a simple social media calendar.

Feel free to use our example which is illustrated above. Click this link to save a copy to your Google Drive Account. If you’d like more insights into developing a social media plan, view our SlideShare from our parent company, Charleston PR & Design, LLC.

Google Drive allows collaboration and shared responsibility

For collaboration and group development. [ Pro Tip: The best social media content is developed in collaboration with several people from differing areas of a business.] we recommend using Google Drive. Everyone can view, edit and participate in the creation of a social media calendar. If you save a copy of our social media calendar, you can use this as the basis of your first plan.

Once you have your plan outlined and organized, then you need to deploy it based on your preferred schedule. There lots of tools to help you manage this. First, you can start with the native social media apps themselves such as Twitter, Facebook Pages, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest,  and Houzz, to list a few.

Recommended social media dashboards for multiple channel management

If you want to manage several channels at once a single dashboard consider alternatives like HootSuite which allow you to manage multiple channels. Others which are popular include Buffer, Sprout Social, and Meet Edgar. Each of these have advantages and disadvantages. We suggest you ask your friends and other business owners what they use to manage their business social media. We have used HootSuite for years and find it’s bulk upload tools, ability to create curated streams, suggest content and post from RSS feeds to be very positive for keeping our streams filled with content.

Need social media management help for your business?

Do you have questions regarding the development of a social media calendar for your business? Give us a call. We can consult, or do all the planning and management.