Your Path and Story is your Brand DNA

Every business has a story that is at the core of its reason for existence. Making certain that your story is reflected and central to your public relations and branding is critical to the development of a positioning.

Most entrepreneurs enter business with the idea that they will solve a consumer’s need, respond to a problem with a solution, or fill a niche in the market. Your vision is what made you step up and create your business.

 What is your brand story? The path that brought to you where you are?

Is your vision reflected in your brand marketing collateral?

Ensuring that your brand communication touchpoints are explicit in your marketing materials will help tell your story. If your brand rationale is clear to consumers, they will have no trouble understanding how your services can help them.

As you went about establishing your company, you identified particular ways that you would provide service or sell your products. Those might include a money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied, or might include service within 24 hours. These are examples of  a brand’s unique sales propositions. Your unique sales proposition is a set of principles that cause your business to be distinct from other businesses.

When it comes to creating marketing materials, you want to be sure the design calls out your business’ distinct sales propositions.

As you develop your website, make certain that the story of your business is clearly stated and is direct and appealing to your potential customer. We each make decisions with our emotions first and our reason second. Consumers visiting your website or reading your marketing materials need to feel an emotional connection to your business. Humanizing your business with a brand personality and voice supports the creation of a connection.

Your brand personality can be set out very easily by referencing your story and  incorporating your brand’s  essential qualities into marketing collateral. Your brand qualities are implicit in the way you were founded and in the unique sales propositions that you embrace.

Should you need help with your public relations planning, or your business brand distinction give us a call. Our services are designed to help you tell your story in the most distinct way with the greatest appeal to achieve your business goals.


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