Relying on Traditional Earned Media Is Lazy

Why wait for an editor to decide if your story is print-worthy?

Relying on traditional earned media as the primary way to gain attention for your business is the lazy business owners method of gaining PR.
Magazines are not the only way to gain earned media

What is earned media?

Earned media is getting a media outlet to carry your news for you. Traditionally this happens when either a business owner or a PR professional pitches a story to the outlet. Typically, these outlets have been television news programs, printed and online newspapers and radio.

In the last decade the ability of a business owner to publish their own news has gone from being a mere dream to being the primary way of getting PR for one’s business.

Your owned media

These days one’s primary earned media channels are one’s owned media. These include:

  • Your blog
  • Your social media channels and interaction
  • Self-serve business media sites.

So, what should you do to gain attention for your business?

  1. Have a content marketing plan to support your business and sales goals.
  2. Have a website that has a blog integrated into it.
  3. Post regularly on topics of service to your customers and clients.
  4. Develop an audience for your content. Follow and engage with others on Twitter and LinkedIn. Create lists of influencers who are critical to helping you establish a conversation and get to know them, posting to them and conversing with them as it’s appropriate.
  5. Create videos and podcasts to distribute across your social media channels and to embed in your blog.
  6. Map out actions you wish your social media audience to take when they read your posts.
  7. Monitor, evaluate and adjust.

Want more insight on creating sharable, actionable content?

Consult this chart from Buzz Stream Blog.

Content planning questions

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