Planning and posting based on your social media editorial calendar

Everyone today is time challenged. From every direction you hear business owners talking about the burdens of managing their business, their accounting, their employees, and their social media marketing. How can business owners plan and manage posting based on their social media editorial calendar? Let’s explore a few ways that you can get these things easily under control easily.

Social media editorial calendars

Social media calendars are designed around the editorial calendar idea which is used in magazine publishing. Periodically, leaders in an organization sit down to discuss what they would like to  publish. The editorial calendar is based around seasonal sales initiatives and seasonal customer needs.

Your editorial calendar doesn’t need to be anything more complex than a spreadsheet with every month and then rows for the various social media outlets, the weeks and the days of the week.

Simple social media editorial calendar example

Example of a simple social media calendar.

Feel free to use our example which is illustrated above. Click this link to save a copy to your Google Drive Account. If you’d like more insights into developing a social media plan, view our SlideShare from our parent company, Charleston PR & Design, LLC.

Google Drive allows collaboration and shared responsibility

For collaboration and group development. [ Pro Tip: The best social media content is developed in collaboration with several people from differing areas of a business.] we recommend using Google Drive. Everyone can view, edit and participate in the creation of a social media calendar. If you save a copy of our social media calendar, you can use this as the basis of your first plan.

Once you have your plan outlined and organized, then you need to deploy it based on your preferred schedule. There lots of tools to help you manage this. First, you can start with the native social media apps themselves such as Twitter, Facebook Pages, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest,  and Houzz, to list a few.

Recommended social media dashboards for multiple channel management

If you want to manage several channels at once a single dashboard consider alternatives like HootSuite which allow you to manage multiple channels. Others which are popular include Buffer, Sprout Social, and Meet Edgar. Each of these have advantages and disadvantages. We suggest you ask your friends and other business owners what they use to manage their business social media. We have used HootSuite for years and find it’s bulk upload tools, ability to create curated streams, suggest content and post from RSS feeds to be very positive for keeping our streams filled with content.

Need social media management help for your business?

Do you have questions regarding the development of a social media calendar for your business? Give us a call. We can consult, or do all the planning and management.


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